Professional Boiler Installation in Redcar & Teesside

When it comes to boiler installation, Value Plumbing & Heating have you covered. Whether you have reached the point of no return where a new boiler is inevitable or you are simply fed up of living with an old or noisy model we have the solution. Our well-established Redcar based team have the experience and knowledge, holding the relevant gas safe registered certificates to ensure a smooth transition. Our installations are carried out professionally and to the highest standards whilst always meeting strict safety regulations. Based in Redcar we work across Saltburn, Middlesbrough and the Teesside area.

Boiler installations are carried out with energy efficiency in mind and this is a subject we are up-to-date with so please feel free to discuss this with us. The idea behind your new boiler is not only to keep your house warm and water hot but to ensure you are getting the most from it at the cheapest possible cost when it comes to energy bills. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment which is always a bonus. Remember, once fitted, you should undergo boiler servicing annually. This will always ensure your safety and cost effectiveness.

If you would like a free estimate for a new boiler, please get in touch with us today and we will help. Our quotes are no obligation and should you choose to go ahead you can be confident that our work is carried out with minimal disruption to your home life. Upon completion of a technical inspection we will arrange a suitable time to complete the boiler installation before advising you on maintenance to ensure you gain the very best from a new fit.